Yele Dinnerware

Our dinnerware can be used for both hot and cold food. They are heat and leak-resistant.
Yes, you can use the areca palm leaf products in the refrigerator. The food will not react with the product material.
You can serve meals on our products straight out of the package.
We collect naturally fallen thick sheaths of Areca palm leaves from the ground, clean them using hot water, and handcraft each plate, bowl, and tray using a heat press.
The leaf is natural and the color comes along with the leaf. The original colors remain in the products.
No, only fallen sheaths are used for manufacturing these products. The raw material source is completely sustainable.
No chemicals or additives are used in manufacturing the plates. Only water & heat is used throughout the process.
Our product is naturally biodegradable and compostable because it does not contain bonding agents, wax coatings, or chemicals. As it disintegrates, it transforms into high-quality organic compost.
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